As she lay asleep in her coat, Raiche Medrick sustained severe burns when her older brother set the room alight. 

Tyrell was playing with a lighter when he dropped it, setting the room on fire. Raiche was 18-months-old and received more than 80% third-degree burns to her body.

“Luckily, I don’t remember anything. My oldest memory was like my third Christmas,” said Raiche, 21, who’s currently training to be an events manager in London.

“It’s Not Been Easy.”

Her mother was a great support to both Raiche and Tyrell, although Raiche suspects that she still carries guilt around. “She doesn’t really talk about it,” said Ra

Raiche is now severely burnt on her left leg and foot, right arm and hand, face and back. “In school, I went from bandanas to hats because I was so against wigs. Appearance plays a huge role because you just want to try and blend in.”

Due to the large proportion of burn scars, Raiche needs operations for the rest of her life, “I need an operation very soon, but it’s when you get older you just want to carry on with life instead of taking time out.”

Raiche is an ambassador for the Katie Piper Foundation, trying to help other burn survivors on their journeys of recovery.

“It’s fundamental that they have that support because everyone reacts differently to different situations. Some people cope better than others and some don’t cope well at all.”

“Embrace it because it’s what makes you different.”

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