Celebrities are idolized for their perfections and beauty. With celebrities being just ‘people,’ like you and me, they have scars too. Here are some celebrities who embrace their full-thickness burn scars:

1. Carlos Tevez

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Football sensation, Tevez, sustained a burn scar that runs from his right ear to his chest caused by a scald incident when he was a child. He was hospitalised and in intensive care for nearly two months. Tevez had the opportunity to have his scarring surgically improved but refused. He said that the scars were a part of who he was.

2. Amanda Redman

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New Tricks star Amanda tipped boiling soup over herself as a child, leaving her with burns down her left arm. Amanda was declared clinically dead before doctors managed to revive her. She is now a patron for the Children’s Burns Trust and is heavily part of their campaign ‘Hot Water Burns Like Fire.’

3. Katie Piper

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In 2008, best-selling international author, activist, TV presenter and charity campaigner Katie, was viciously burned in an acid attack. Now married and a mother-of-one, Katie set up the Katie Piper Foundation to support others with disfigurements: “We all have scars whether they are on the skin or the soul. Remember only those who survive wear scars.”

4. J. R. Martinez

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Dancing with the Stars winner and actor J. R. Martinez was left with 34% burns to his body when his army vehicle went over an explosive device during his deployment in the Middle East. He now goes on to do motivational speeches and is well known in the burn survivor community.

5. Parminder Nagra

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Bend It Like Beckham and ER star Parminder has a burn scar on the top of her right thigh caused by a cooking accident when she was 7. Her scarring was written into the script of Bend It Like Beckham. She has since gone on to acting in NCIS and voicing Cassandra in the animated film Batman: Gotham Knight

6. Michael Jackson

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In 1984, Michael Jackson was burned while shooting a Pepsi commercial. Whilst performing, an explosion of special effects resulted in Jackson’s hair setting alight. He was treated for third-degree burns and invested in wigs as his hair never grew back correctly. Michael donated his $1.5 million compensation to a California medical centre where a burns ward was named after him in his honour.

7. Robert David Hall

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Famously known for his role in CSI, Robert had both legs amputated and was left with 65% burns when an 18-wheel truck crushed his car, causing its gas tank to explode. He uses prosthetic limbs and now advocates for disabled Americans.

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