Celebrating its ten-year anniversary this year, The Hallym Burn Foundation helps child burn survivors across South Korea.

This year, the foundation are travelling the world to raise awareness for burn patients in South Korea and to regain support and connections overseas. On their journey to the UK, they met with Lucy Wilson to discuss the differences and difficulties survivors face in their home country.

The aim of the foundation is to promote welfare of burn patients in South Korea. Manager and social worker Se Hee Hwang said, “Burn survivors in Korea are not good at speaking out themselves, compared to survivors in England. Meeting burn survivors in the UK who share their experiences inspires us and survivors in Korea.”

The foundation hopes to learn about the different activities that are created for burn survivors overseas to enforce into their own communities. “This will help our burn survivors to overcome their conditions and issues,” said Se Hee, “It gives us hope.”

“It’s very important for us to see what is happening around the world,” said Se Hee, “When I attended some events and conferences here in the UK, I realised how closed the society is in Korea.”

South Korea offers short-term support for burn survivors. This is something that the foundation aims to change, “We hope to maintain support for long periods, so children can stay inspired and motivated.”

Listen to the full interview below:


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