Embracing People With Burn Scars Worldwide.

ScarGlobal is a platform where burn survivors, medical staff, psychologists, family members and others can come together to support those with third-degree burns.

Run by burn survivor and journalism graduate Lucy Wilson, ScarGlobal aims to connect people globally to share experiences and information. It is important to be aware of the medical differences and social treatment survivors face overseas and at home.

This project was inspired by a recent solo trip to Cambodia, where Lucy discovered that the majority of people with burn injuries die due to a lack of medical resources. She hopes that this website will enlighten and educate people of the differences burn survivors face overseas.

Lucy was scolded in a bath the day before her first birthday, which left her with 34% scarring to her body. Read her story here.

This year, Lucy met with burn survivors in Nepal and India. She has previously interviewed survivors and professionals from Syria, Iraq, US, UK, Bangladesh and South Korea.

“Meeting and talking to people from other countries has made me realise how lucky I am. It’s upsetting to know how many people overseas are ostracised because of their burns. They’re disowned by their families and are seen as ‘bad luck.’ Many are scarred because they have refused marriage proposals, because of war, the list goes on. I want to educate people on the difference of burn injuries overseas. More help is needed to support survivors worldwide.” – Lucy Wilson.

Lucy will be appearing in a Channel 5 documentary at the end of the year. Details coming soon.

Contact Lucy directly info@lucylwilson.com